Montag, 15. August 2016

summer break & sale

although people keep saying that this summer can't be considered as one of the best, we enjoyed some sunny weekends in the mountains. therefore, not much action was going on in the shaping bay. since i plan to change that in the coming weeks i'd like to offer some boards for sale.

1. 6'1'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 3/4'' (fcs thruster, 1x6oz/2x6oz glassing)

my winter project 2015/2016 with a resin tinted tail. its meant to combine your shortboard quiver. not as easy to paddle in like the boards below but still plenty of volume to enable landlocked surfers a quick take-off. the round tail makes it a simple mission to turn. never surfed yet, chf 300.- (excl. fins)

2. 5'10'' x 21 1/4'' x 2 5/8'' (fcs thruster, 1x6oz/2x6oz glassing)

this board was made for the portugese week in may. i surfed it from chest to shoulder high waves and had so much fun. it paddles really easy, goes fast in flat sections and makes it an ideal combination for travels with a shortboard. also suitable for people progressing from a mini-mal towards a shorter board selection. in very good condition, only for chf 275.- (excl. fins).

3. 5'9'' x 22 1/16'' x 2 5/8'' (fcs thruster, 1x6oz/2x6oz glassing)

an older model shaped back in 2013. it was surfed a few weeks in france and portugal. similar to the yellow tinted resin board above but comes with more volume and slightly wider. goes well in all type of waves up to shoulder high. duckdiving can be a bit tricky unless you're a heavier surfer (90kg) like me :-) few dings, professionally repared. asking price chf 240.- (excl. fins).

interested? drop me an email: jan(at)