Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2017

merry xmas!

merry xmas to all my readers out there! just found this little vid:


not my cup of tea but certainly great craftmanship!

Montag, 27. November 2017

off we go

the winter shape season was officially kicked off last weekend. i continued to work on the 6'6'' stick but decided to go a little wider with the nose and make the board more stable. 

it's supposed to become my mate's first board for next summer. this is certainly a valid alternative instead of renting plastic bic or nsp minimals :)

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

new shape to be started soon

the next project i'll kick-off in the colder autumn/winter months will be a retro stubbie shape with a classic outlines. stay tuned!

measures: 6'6'' x 21 1/2'' x 2 1/2 or 2 3/4

Montag, 4. September 2017

crazy cat ready to get wet

i recently finished the nug shape i've been working on during the past months. it comes with a classic thruster fin setup and the usual extra inches thickness to keep the heavy landlocked bodies floated :) it will work well in the river as well as second travel board in addition to a shortboard.

interested? drop me an email and it can be yours! jan(a)landlocked-surfboards.com

size: 5'9'' x 22'' x 2 3/4''


$ sold $

looks like the green tail beauty found a new owner who's addicted to boards... enjoy the rides!

Montag, 12. Juni 2017

river surf session

better late than never. toby and i kicked off the river surf season 2017. still feels great to be on the board apart from the crowds at 8am and a 40 chf parking fine from the local police... haha!

Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

ready for sanding

leash and fin plugs are installed and the board is ready for sanding. i hope i'll progress a bit quicker than the last couple of weeks. it would be a great board for the summer river surf.

Montag, 10. April 2017

portugal 2017, done

despite a cold start on saturday and sunday we enjoyed a fantastic week in baleal. i'd tend to say: business as usual. others claim that peniche is one of the most consistent surf areas in europe which i gladly confirm.

Montag, 13. März 2017

the countdown goes...

only a couple of days left until a new chapter of sgc history will be written. portugal, here we come!

Montag, 13. Februar 2017

gloss coat

6 weeks to go until our departure to portugal. a good reason to start with the gloss coat and update ll's blog. also started think about the fin setup and i might go for my first quad for this little toy.

Montag, 30. Januar 2017

belated happy new year

belated happy new year to all my readers!

it has been quiet for a while because there has been some addition to our family. however, the nugget project is still progressing. lamination process has been finished. i'll now pre-sand and start with the glossing. if everything goes according to my plan the board should be ready for our sgc trip to portugal in march.