Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

new shapes in progress

i finished the outline of the second edition 'ant' (5'8'' x 22''). as the first board worked very well i am trying to further develop this shape.

the last blank delivery contained a broken 6'11'' blank which i started to use for a 5'6'' with diamond tail. the outline is similar to a retro fish but not as susceptible to failure as with the fishy tail.

our swiss wave machine is still pumping. this will be a great occasion for us to test the current quiver extensively on the weekend. below a statistic of the water discharge for the month of may. the level rarely dropped below 200m/3. from this perspective it's not the worst to be a landlocked surfer...

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

sunny sunday

the summer also arrived in switzerland. we enjoyed a great sunny sunday in bremgarten with family and friends. beside bbq and a cold beer, toby and me had a few rides on the 'ant' model. even though the water level dropped (190m3/s) we were both satisfied with the maneuverability and overall performance of this stick. definitely a board which will become a part of landlocked surfboard's model range.

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

peniche 2012, the movie

jesus, thanks for editing this video! many good memories related to this trip.

the session on thursday was FREEEEEEEEZING!!! Water temperatures were 7.5 celsius. i tested the "ant" (5'8'' x 22 x 3'') and had a real good time although i couldn't feel my feet after the session :-) a more detailed test report will follow shortly. probably we'll have another surf tomorrow.

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

test report - pocket rocket

first river surf session on saturday, done.

the wave works non-stop since almost two weeks! the early arrival (7.15am) really worth it as i had to share the wave only with another surfer. after 2.5h i was k.o. but left the cold water with a big smile!

i tested the pocket rocket (5'2'' X 21 1/8'' X 2 5/8'') and was surprised how well this stick works. due to its thruster setup it turns very well but for my size and weight probably a little too short. there was no time to relax on the board for a second, you always had to pump to stay in the wave. i even missed once the tail with my back foot during a take off :-) but for guys up to 170cm/70kg it will be a good choice.

personally, i'd prefer to have the board in a 5'4'' or even 5'6'' length. a deep v bottom in the tail area will make it more maneuverable. tail design is another discussion point: while the square fish tail makes the board very unique it also requires more pressure on the back foot to turn. i'd rather go for a wide rounded square.

the next session is scheduled for thursday. can't wait!

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

new boardrack & posca pens

i recently bought some posca pens. i tried to do a pinline on the 5'2'' river board. the result doesn't look too bad. i am looking forward to the first sweet water session in 2012 (maybe this weekend)!

i also invested a few hours of the swiss labour day into a new board rack.

Montag, 7. Mai 2012

landlocked goes bremgarten

toby is a brave guy and went to bremgarten on sunday. water temp 11 degrees... he was surfing the red stripe and confirmed the feeling i already had at mohlo leste. due to its twin fin setup the board is a bit loose and hard to turn. enjoy the video taken by his brother. thx!

Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

portugal 2012, done

what an amazing week with the dudes in baleal!!

we tested the retro single fin as well as the red stripe egg board. both boards worked out well in smaller conditions. but it's a hard job to duckdive them due to its thickness. in my eyes ideal sticks for smaller summer days. our mate jesus has been a good boy and reported every day in his blog, check out

this video is from donavon's new album, great tune!