Montag, 14. Mai 2012

test report - pocket rocket

first river surf session on saturday, done.

the wave works non-stop since almost two weeks! the early arrival (7.15am) really worth it as i had to share the wave only with another surfer. after 2.5h i was k.o. but left the cold water with a big smile!

i tested the pocket rocket (5'2'' X 21 1/8'' X 2 5/8'') and was surprised how well this stick works. due to its thruster setup it turns very well but for my size and weight probably a little too short. there was no time to relax on the board for a second, you always had to pump to stay in the wave. i even missed once the tail with my back foot during a take off :-) but for guys up to 170cm/70kg it will be a good choice.

personally, i'd prefer to have the board in a 5'4'' or even 5'6'' length. a deep v bottom in the tail area will make it more maneuverable. tail design is another discussion point: while the square fish tail makes the board very unique it also requires more pressure on the back foot to turn. i'd rather go for a wide rounded square.

the next session is scheduled for thursday. can't wait!

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